News and Commentary for September 4

Under the radar. “He’s taking portions our freedom by offering to expand our “rights.”” President Obama’s Dangerous ‘Rights’ Explosion

This won’t end well. Don’t look now, but guess which Western intervention “success story” is a disaster?

Our Bullying Bureaucracy: “Little did that Schoolhouse Rock boy of our more innocent 1970s days know that when grown-up, bills and laws would matter less than he had been taught, and things like the danger of being Buckyballed (not to mention bankrupted, every last one of us!) by the real PBS (Public Bureaucracy System) would matter more.”

Some in the media are just figuring this out? Jimmy Carter is no longer the “Worst Presdident Ever. Crown O Clown in Chief

We must stop our government’s aggregation of power! Amendments for Liberty: Mark Levin’s new book shows how to restore the Founders’ original vision of government.

Newsflash! Apparently the Tea Party is not quite so out of touch. When the Tea Party Speaks for the Majority

The government can’t control its subjects when they can’t control their minds. “School choice is Public Enemy No. 1 as far as the National Education Association is concerned.” Obama vs. Education

It’s what the Left wants! “More centralized control of health spending will inevitably mean more centralized control of health care.” Your Future Under Obamacare: Big Medicine Getting Bigger

Tyrants and word control: “Step by step, unwanted ideas are extinguished by eliminating the words necessary to express them.  “Radical Islam,” and “Islamic terrorism” are very much in the lexicon of taboo phrases, as we can see in the Newspeak-ridden prosecution of Hasan Nidal, the Fort Hood jihadi.” Does a Falling Tree Make a Sound if the Word ‘Tree’ Is Banned?

We’re in the best of hands! Obama’s greatest accomplishment — the weakening of the presidency

This is a MUST READ! The Democrats’ ‘Smart Power’ Lies in Ruins

This is all about stifling free speech and clamping down our religious beliefs. Oregon bakery closes doors after state investigates over refusal to cater same-sex wedding

Oh we understand, but can we stop them? “This is what conservatives must understand: the left is interested solely and completely in manipulation of the truth.” Colleges Recruiting Students to Propagandize Wikipedia

Incompetence. “Joint Chiefs Chairman Criticizes Leak of Syria Military Plans, Delay in Syria Strikes as Forces Moved.”  Misfire

If they reported it, Obama and the Democrats would look bad. Longshore Union Leaves AFL-CIO Over ObamaCare, Liberal Media Largely Ignore

Is John McCain serious? “Allahu Akbar means ‘Thank God?’” John McCain and ‘Allahu Akbar’

For the low information voters, this is probably a surprise: “The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that workers— especially low-wage workers — are losing ground under Obama.” Labor Day Lies?

We need a book to tell us this? Book: Clinton’s State told Benghazi was a ‘terrorist attack’ minutes after it began

This from CNN! IRS scandal: America needs the truth

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