News and Commentary for September 3

If you think the U.S. job situation is improving, you simply are NOT paying attention. Economist: U.S. Jobs Picture Worse Than You Think

The Democrats long time strategy for getting what the Left wants, even when most Americans want no part of what the Left can only implement under the cover of a calamity: Never let a crisis go to waste! Looming Fiscal Fights Threaten IRS Probes

Why does the Left continue consign poor, black students to failing public schools? Washington Post Calls Out Obama/Hold for Suing to Block School Choice

“It’s the ability of a president of the United States to ignore the laws enacted by Congress.” ICE Policies–Obama Acts “Like A Dictator,” “Overstepping His Authority”

“First of all, on energy, let’s Drive Down Gas Prices. Second, on finance, let’s Return to Sound Money. Third, let’s Simplify the Safety Net.” Return to Economic Sanity

Nanny state. “Fourth-grade students in Illinois are learning that “government is like a nation’s family” because it sets rules and takes care of needs such as health care and education.” ‘What is Government?’ Elementary Students Taught It’s Your ‘Family’

“It is time for the Republicans to go on the offensive.” The Democrat Moral Superiority Complex

To go on the offensive against the Left David Horowitz has some great advice. And he should know, he was once a man of the Left. David Horowitz: Fight Fire with Fire

It’s what they do. “United Farm Workers and Its Government Allies are Working Hard to Destroy Jobs.” California’s Union-Sponsored War on Farmers

It’s by design: The Obamanomics Decline: Falling income and employment is becoming the new normal

The Tea Party tried to tell them but they wouldn’t listen. A Union Resigns from the AFL-CIO

Get a government student loan, go to college, become a public servant, and Wallah! After ten years, your loan is wiped clean! Anyone else see a problem here? Are Public Service Workers Exempt from Paying Off Student Loans?

Does anyone care? “Unprecedented regulatory agenda is driving both foreign and domestic capital out of the United States.” Obama’s RegulatoryTtsunami is Eroding America’s Competitive Edge

Wise words from Thomas Sowell, the Left’s desire for equality will never end well. Unintended Consequences

Angry yet? If Obama does what he always does best (chooses not to abide by rules he signed into law), Unions are about to get a second tax-payer funded subsidy for their already stellar health care benefits. Unions to Get Yet Another Obamacare Break?

It may be the right thing to do, but the way we are getting there is not pretty—and the whole world has noticed. The Price of Vacillation

Again, it might be the right thing to do… Abrams: US Foreign Policy in ‘Shambles’

It might be the right thing to do, but it’s the hypocrisy from the Left that is so disturbing. Shock: Democrats’ Deeply-Felt and Principled Opposition to War in All Its Forms Ended, Coincidentally Enough, Upon the Election of one Barack Hussein Obama, Nobel Peace Laureate

“But that’s what happens when your diplomacy is a failure. Our friends are avoiding us, our foes aren’t afraid of us, and it’s looking more and more like nobody in charge knows what they’re doing.” Obama’s Inept Foreign Policy: The president’s Syria coalition (France) is dwarfed by the international coalition involved in the Iraq War.

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