News and Commentary for August 23

Obama Unveils New College Rating System Plan

After this, what’s left for the government to take over? “Yeesh. Another day, another way in which President Obama endeavoring to institute policies that nip at the heels of runaway problems without actually fixing said problems.”

Obama’s Higher Ed Plan — A Power Grab, Not a Shake-up

Duh! That’s the plan. “Second, Obama’s plan will increase the federal government’s ability to coerce colleges into embracing even more fully a left-wing agenda — e.g., discriminating against whites in admissions and hiring, unfairly disciplining male students based on flimsy allegations of sexual harassment, and so forth.”

Obamacare Is Really, Really Bad For You, Especially If You’re Young

The perils of low information voters who get their news from late night comedy shows. “The health law’s age-related rate restriction milks the hard-earned income of young people—those just starting out in life—for the sake of those older, sacrificing in the process a young person’s own goals and dreams. If they were honest, supporters of the law would admit this openly, instead of adding insult to injury by calling their immoral scheme a benefit to the young.”

Premiums Climbed $2,976 Since 2009, Despite Obama Vow

Did anyone REALLY believe Obama’s claim? “The average employer-provided family health insurance premiums have climbed $2,976 since 2009, according to an annual Kaiser Family Foundation survey released this week. They’re up $3,671 compared with the year before President Obama took office. That’s despite Obama’s repeated promises that the health care reform law he championed would cut premiums by $2,500 in his first term.”

Recession’s Pain Reaching Deep into the Economic Recovery

How’d this get by The Washington Post’s Leftist editors? “The years since the recession have been particularly harsh for black households, which were hit hard by the downturn and saw their median income decline by 10.9 percent, to $33,519, since the start of the economic recovery. That finding is consistent with the tough labor market for African Americans, among whom there is a 12.6 percent unemployment rate — far above the national rate of 7.4 percent.”

Welfare Pays More Than Work Does

In case you missed this earlier in the week.Incentives: A new study shows that in most states welfare programs pay more than a minimum-wage job, and in some states government aid can be more than the earnings from a regular, entry-level job.”

In Another Country

Depressing. “When I moved into the inner-city, I hoped to gain some insight and understanding of the poor and their situation. Two years later I left feeling the situation is intractable. Everything the professional uplifters do for the poor is but pruning the branches, instead of hacking at the roots of the problem. For the underclass to escape the culture of poverty they would have to cease doing most if not all of the above, and I don’t see that happening.”

Obama’s Dependency Agenda

How badly will this all end? I am pretty sure we’ll find out soon. “Stories like the one about the UPS cutting back on its health care benefits are like so many canaries in the mine: warning signals, tocsins of alarm, minatory adumbrations of things to come.  But there are still plenty of people and institutions like the Times, held captive by the idea of Obama the savior, ensorcelled by the rhetoric of “hope and change,” desperate to salvage some fragment of self-infatuation from the wreckage that has been this preposterous administration’s effect on America.”

The Obama Regime

“The president has become dictatorial in nearly every area of governance.” “Slowly at first, then all of a sudden, the Obama administration has devolved into the Obama regime. Obama does whatever he wants. Those pesky impediments on his predecessors — namely, federal law, the separation of powers, and the Constitution — have proved as tough as tissue paper in containing Obama’s ambition to impose statism on America. From Obamacare to unions to telephones, it’s basically another day, another decree.”

Obama’s Fall from Grace Sets Scary Precedent for Future Presidents

And the Left accused President Bush of lawlessness.  Where are those loud voices now? “If President Obama can unilaterally decide which parts of the law he must enforce, what is to prevent the next president, regardless of party,  from unilaterally deciding to not enforce these and other laws passed by Congress? And how far is he willing to test Americans’ patience with his increasingly imperial presidency?”

As a Democrat, I Am Disgusted with President Obama

Slowly they’re awaking from their dream sleep. “Is this really the legacy you want for yourself: the chief executive who trampled rights, destroyed privacy, heightened secrecy, ruined trust, and worst of all, did not defend but instead detoured around so many of the fundamental principles on which this country is founded?”

When I Was a Rich Kid We Were All Pro Communist

Will fair-minded Democrats ever wake up to what’s happening? “Communists back then pretended, like Obama today, to defend the middle class and spitefully attack the rich. But communism actually decimated the middle class and created a new power-class out of the communist faithful.  It is a party built on jealousy.”

Clashing Claims

The answer should be “NO, hell NO!” “Should public-accommodation law trump all religious liberty?”

Winnowing Down Religious Liberty

It would be interesting to hear the Left’s response…“In writing about the case last year, columnist George Will noted, “In jurisdictions such as the District of Columbia and Seattle, which ban discrimination on the basis of political affiliation or ideology, would a photographer, even a Jewish photographer, be compelled to record a Nazi Party ceremony?””

NM Supreme Court Finds Refusing to Photograph Gay Wedding Illegal

The price of “citizenship” and in the name of “human rights” apparently.” The court found that Elane Photography’s refusal to serve Vanessa Willock violated the act, which “prohibits a public accommodation from refusing to offer its services to a person based on that person’s sexual orientation,” according to the ruling.”

More Commentary on the Photography Ruling in NM

It’s not the Alinsky way! “Yeah, they could compromise their religious beliefs, or, you know, the gay couple could simply find another photographer. No, by all means, let’s use the power of the state to reach as deeply as possible into people’s lives instead of just telling the gay couple to “Look online for ten minutes and find someone else.””

A Post-Christian Middle East?

For many on the Left this is a cause for celebration. “There have been Christians in the Middle East since the time of, well, Christ. Now that two millennium-long history could be in danger.”

U.S. Ambassador Powers Skipped U.N. Meeting on Chemical Weapons, Tweeted Instead

Another key Obama administration head goes MIA at a most critical moment. “Newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power skipped an emergency U.N. meeting on the chemical weapons attack in Syria and tweeted her opinion on the matter instead.”

World View: Farce Continues over Wednesday’s Chem Weapons Attack in Syria

Are we leading from behind, or just not leading? “To add to the farce, Samantha Power, America’s new ambassador to the United Nations, who for years has never missed an opportunity to express childlike, girlish outrage at atrocities in Darfur and elsewhere, and has demanded that the U.S. intervene to alleviate such atrocities, seems to have disappeared. She didn’t show up at Thursday’s emergency Security Council meeting, and no one would say where she is. Speculation is that she’s on vacation, and no one wants to admit it.”

 America’s Shame

Where’s the media? The photo in Hugh Hewitt’s post is quite disturbing. Click at your own risk.

Bill and Hillary’s Hamptons Holiday

What the Clintons tell us about the state of American Democracy. “Following the activities of a single family as it navigates and exploits the connection between riches, access, and influence, the New York Times is, perhaps without intending to, composing a gripping narrative of social climbing and favor trading.”

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